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  • 08/01/21 REPUBLICAN VOTERS in CIVI were updated to eliminate an issue in reports where duplicate entires occasionally occurred due to an address(not from the BOE) being marked incorrectly as the primary address.  This address was often identified due to it being upper and lower case.  The PRIMARY address is the address identified by BOE and is ALL CAPS.  If you should come across this issue please contact Tommy Boggs ( with the voters name so he can correct this error.
  • 07/19/21 CIVI has been UPDATED with WAKE BOE data changes as of 07/19/21.  97,815 voter records modified.
  • 06/16/21 Notice: please make sure you have changed your password since receiving it.  Ask an Admin how.
  • 06/16/21 I set up Robert Michauds (rmichaud) dashboard with the new Dashlets.
  • 06/16/21 I deleted all old 08-02 Dashlets and replaced them with ones starting with an * in their name.
  • 06/03/21 CIVI has been updated with WAKE BOE data as of 5/3/21.